Having a social media content calendar planned out can take so much stress out of consistently showing up online for your business. This 31 day social media content calendar has you covered with a variety of post ideas to keep your Instagram, Facebook, and other channels thriving throughout May.

A social media content calendar is crucial for creating a strategic mix of content that educates and promotes. This calendar gives you that perfect balance, making your social media planning easier all month long.

social media content calendar

Here are 31 daily content ideas to fill up your social media content calendar:

  1. Ask an engaging question in your niche to spark a discussion with your audience.
  2. Go behind-the-scenes by sharing a look at your work process or daily routine.
  3. Post inspiring quotes or motivational affirmations related to your products, services, or industry.
  4. Promote a free download, checklist, guide or other gated resource to grow your email list.
  5. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by sharing Mexican culture, recipes, traditions or related products.
  6. Go live and open it up for an engaging Q&A session by answering audience questions.
  7. Share customer testimonials, reviews or inspiring client success stories.
  8. Educate your audience by posting little-known facts about your niche or industry.
  9. Create a fun, engaging reel or short video with helpful tips, hacks or how-tos.
  10. Promote a paid product, service, course or other monetized offer you have.
  11. Use a “hook” style post to tease an upcoming offer without revealing the details.
  12. Share a sneak peek at the details and benefits of the upcoming offer.
  13. Highlight Mother’s Day gift ideas, specials or products/services related to your niche.
  14. Showcase user-generated content like customers using or reviewing your products.
  15. Post a thought-provoking opinion, hot take or bust a myth in your niche/industry.
  16. Share personal, non-business related content to connect with your audience.
  17. Do a #ThrowbackThursday post on how your business got started or throwback photos.
  18. Promote a free discovery call, consultation or way for prospects to connect with you.
  19. Go live with an expert, influencer or guest speaker in your industry.
  20. Share Armed Forces Day content and gratitude for military members.
  21. Highlight an inspiring client case study or customer transformation story.
  22. Use a carousel post to showcase different product offers, service packages or options.
  23. Promote an upcoming live webinar, virtual workshop, challenge or training series.
  24. Post an engaging question box or poll to get opinions from your audience.
  25. Announce and share details for any new products, services, bundles or updates.
  26. Share helpful resources like books, tools, apps or websites related to your niche.
  27. Post Memorial Day themed quotes, messages or content for the holiday.
  28. Curate and showcase more positive reviews and customer shares/feedback.
  29. Share a recap of your top-performing content from the month.
  30. Celebrate National Creativity Day with creative prompts or share inspiring stories.
  31. Share productivity tips and advice for starting the new month off strong.

Having a social media content calendar like this ensures you never run out of fresh ideas to publish. It takes the guesswork out of what to post each day across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X(Twitter) and more.

Filling up your social media content calendar in advance with a mix of promotional and educational posts serves your audience better. It allows you to create consistent, valuable content instead of just winging it day-to-day.

Refer back to this social media content calendar throughout May and customize each idea to fit your brand and business. This type of social media content calendar can be re-used month after month too by simply adjusting the holidays and dates.

With a social media content calendar planned ahead, you can spend less time wondering what to post and more time growing your accounts!

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