Tired of Struggling with Your Facebook Ads?

Stop Wasting Money and Get the Answers You Need

If you’re pouring time and money into Facebook ads without seeing the results you want, it’s time to change your approach. Introducing the Live Facebook Ads Audit – your chance to get expert eyes on your campaigns and a clear action plan to turn things around.

During this 1-hour live session, I’ll personally review your ads account, identify what’s working (and what’s not), and provide you with tailored solutions to:

  • Maximize your ad budget and boost ROAS
  • Reach your ideal target audiences
  • Craft compelling ad creative that converts
  • Optimize for higher click-through and conversion rates
  • Leverage advanced ad strategies for faster growth

This is so much more than a cookie-cutter review. I’ll be diving deep into the data and nuances of your specific business, products/services, and marketing goals.

You’ll get real-time feedback, answers to your burning questions, and a customized game plan – all focused on one thing: driving more sales through Facebook ads.


  • In-Depth Ads Account Audit: I’ll thoroughly review your campaigns, ad sets, ads, audiences, budgets, and more to pinpoint opportunities.
  • Customized Action Plan: You’ll receive a detailed, bespoke plan to optimize your ad strategy for maximum impact and conversions.
  • Live Q&A: Ask me anything about your ads! I’ll provide expert advice and solutions for your unique challenges.
  • Creative Analysis: I’ll analyze your ad copy, images, videos, and more to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.
  • Growth Strategies: Discover advanced tactics to accelerate your results and quickly scale successful campaigns.

You’ll walk away from our live session feeling confident about the steps to take your Facebook ads (and business) to new heights. No more guessing games – only proven solutions from an experienced pro.

Plus, you’ll get access to a recording of our call to reference whenever you need a refresher!

This is a limited opportunity to get personalized, high-value feedback on how to truly profit from Facebook advertising.

Grab Your Spot Now for just $97!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How soon will I get value from this?
You’ll walk away from our live session with a clear, actionable plan you can execute right away. No more wondering what to do next!

Who is this for?
This audit is for any business, entrepreneur, or marketer running Facebook ads, from beginners to experienced advertisers looking for a fresh perspective.

How do I prepare?
Simple! Complete the pre-audit worksheet I’ll send over to outline your business, goals, and current ad campaigns. That’s it!

Don’t let another day go by wasting money on ineffective Facebook ads. Book your Live Ads Audit today and finally start seeing the conversions, clients, and growth you deserve!